Where would this Charity Event be Held? What would this Charity Event be Called? When would this Charity Event be Held? Description of this Charity Event How much will we charge for Donations Estimated Desired Total Donations What Members would Attend this Event? What would Members do at this Event to Help Out? Would this Event be Indoors or Outdoors?
- Superhero Workshop/ Superhero Academy - We would teach people about crime-prevention, basic combat, and how to get gear and suits. 5$ attendance fee to participate in the workshop $200
  • Combat Trainer
  • Squad Leader
  • Vendor
They would teach crime-prevention, basic combat moves, and how to purchase safety gear. Indoors in order to be able to sell gear
Bessie K. Russel Library Bake Sale

May 3rd, 2014

(Not Confirmed)

We would sell baked goods for five dollars each with a total of 160 available baked goods 5$ for each baked good $800
  • Sparklie Rainbow (Bake 80 baked goods and bring them)
  • Sweet Chocolate (Bake 80 baked goods and bring them)
  • Jetblackrlsh (To sell the baked goods)
  • Electric Snow (To help Jet sell the baked goods and make receipts)
We would bring and sell baked goods Indoors