Codename Team Role Contact Info
Black Ninja Patrol Ranger

(256) 206-0499

Neon Ninja Junior Member
Fly Boy Semi-Active
Blood Ninja Junior Member
Jet Black Multi-Role
Big Daddy Combat Trainer (256) 348-5899
Sprint Mage/Patrol Ranger


Viper Fox Patrol Ranger
Black Shadow Retired
Ghost Patrol Ranger
Josh Semi-Active
Steelwing Patrol Ranger
Spiderlady Patrol Ranger
Iron-Mason Patrol Ranger
Eagle Eye Oracle
Bullet-Train Semi-Active
Lone Wolf Patrol Ranger
Alley-Cat Mage/Patrol Ranger (256) 683-4816

Nite Owl Mage/Patrol Ranger (315)-767-5508
Katty Vendor

(256) 683-4816

Mist Semi-Active
Acrobactress Semi-Active
Purple Night Shade Patrol Ranger
Rage Patrol Ranger
Big Country Patrol Ranger
Kickstart Patrol Ranger
Bounce Semi-Active
GQ Semi-Active
Strike Patrol Ranger
Neo-Matrix Hackmaster/Patrol Ranger
A-O Patrol Ranger
The Lifter Semi-Active
Solar Core Patrol Ranger
Sparklie Rainbow Patrol Ranger
Atlantian Patrol Ranger
Link Patrol Ranger
Hug-a-nator Charity
Mighty Monk Support (260)-494-8067
Gold Patrol Ranger
Princess Patrol Ranger
Leaf Patrol Ranger
Powerhouse Semi-Active
Swag Boy Patrol Ranger
Gold Beauty Medic
Mr.E aka Infonation Oracle/Medic (256)-348-6549
Trainer Guy "Christ" Combat Trainer
Rib-Eye Medic (256)-652-6984
Silent-Fox Mage (256)-652-6308
The Boney Man Resourcer
Yellow Blur Mage (402) 209-7037
Ewok Medic (256)-924-2108
Electric Snow Multi-role
Mr.Meta Mage Trainer
Azrael Mage Trainer
Arrow Vendor
Red Fox Recruiter
Mr.X Recruiter
Wind Runner Patrol Ranger 256-585-0282
Cross Retired
Cotton Candy Man Hack Master 256-679-7034
The Seeker Recruiter
Antihero Mage
Sweet Chocolate Mage (256)-541-2261
Acid Storm Patrol Ranger
Moon Wave Mage/Semi-Active
Gabriel Mage (256)-604-9693
Void-Ranger Recruiter
Rush-Storm Recruiter
Golden Jackal Mage Trainer
Storm Shadow Patrol Ranger
Speed Warrior Patrol Ranger
Dog Pound Combat Trainer
Hanz Vendor (256)-541-3118
Resident Patrol Ranger (256)-541-8427
Flushing Guardian Oracle (810)-293-6909
Ghost Fury Patrol Ranger
Drillmaster Fritz Combat Trainer
Chillstep Patrol Ranger
Ecliptico Vendor mister.ecliptico
Matches Malone Vendor
Night Shade Medic
Dragon Slayer Combat Trainer



Combat Trainer/Vendor (Design)/Mage


Turk Patrol Ranger (256)-513-2175
Dante Patrol Ranger
Raiden Combat Trainer
626 Combat Trainer/Mage
Dark Assassin Support/Recruiter/Combat Trainer 00971563010767
Kev Combat Trainer/Squad Leader
Hellghan Squad Leader/Combat Trainer
Ranger Ghost Medic 1(807)632-6956
Unstoppable Kid Patrol Ranger
K-Hari Patrol Ranger
Bateman Mage
  • 256-975-4728
Neon Recruiter
Black Knight Patrol Ranger
Magma Blast Supporter 256-698-2913
Thatasianguy Hack Master


Straight Shot Supporter 256-714-6456
Secretary M Secretary
Chrome Knight Combat Trainer
Oz Multi-Role
Main Flame Combat Trainer
The Eyes In the Dark Squad Leader/Hackmaster
Fox Vendor Contact Black Ninja to Contact Fox
Bad Axe Patrol Ranger 256-337-5330
DarkCoal Patrol Ranger/Mage 256-859-6784
Night Angel Squad Leader
Knight Wolf Patrol Ranger 405-512-9973
Crimson Hound Mage 256-652-9244
Agent 0-9-9 Mage 256-520-8152
Agent Strawberry Mage 256-585-5542
Stryker Multi-Role
Owlman Ranger/Detective Nonlocal/Justice Legion in Clarksville
Mr.Awesome Ranger/Detective Nonlocal/Justice Legion in Clarksville
Araknid Ranger/Detective Nonlocal/Justice Legion in Clarksville

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