Is it a Gadget or Resource? What is it? How is it useful to the team? How much does it cost? How much is shipping? Where do you buy it? Web Link

How much should a member chip in minimum?

(Chipping in is optional)

How many members have agreed to chip in? Picture(s)

Will it require continual payments and if so how often?


Total Raised
Resource EmoSpark
  • HQ Artificial Intelligence
  • HQ Security
  • Faster and Easier way to research information
  • With the addition of a drone it could assist on patrols.
$284 $35
  • $30 Minimum
  • Preferred $40
  • Advised $50
No $0
Gadget Parrot AR Drone
  • Allows for Telepresence Patrols
  • Can be used to scope areas from afar for possible crime hot spots
  • Is compatible with an EmoSpark which could provide HQ connectivity on the go.
  • Can record patrols
  • Can be used as a distraction
$300 FREE
  • $30 Minimum
  • $40 Prefered
  • $50 Advised
No $0