Danger Scale



(Street/Neighborhood/Sector of the City/Entire City)

Who patrols this Location? Types of Crime Witnessed/ Reported Gangs in this Area Does this area need more Patrol Rangers? Is it advised to wear additional protective gear in this area? Do any Drivers provide transport to this area? Is there a squad that patrols this area? Picture(s)
5 Grove View Acres in NW Huntsville Alabama 35810 The Omega Team
  • Vandilism
  • Drug Deals
  • Nearby Gun Violence
Sorenos-13 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
8 Downtown South Huntsville Black Ninja
  • Drug Deals
  • Violent Attacks
  • Shootings
  • Vandalism
  • Latin Kings
  • Southside Bloods
Yes Yes No No N/A
2 Beverly Place in Harvest Alabama 35757 The Omega Team
  • Vandalism
  • Drug Deals
  • None that we are aware of
No No Yes Yes N/A

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