Harvest Drug Bust 3/9/14Edit

  • Jet Black during a planned group patrol in Beverley Place obtained photo evidence and used it to report a large drug hotspot in the Harvest Area.

SCPC Meetings 3/19/14 - 3/20/14Edit

  • Paranormal crime-fighting, the gadgets/resources wishlist, and the charity event for 3/22/14 were big topics for these meetings.
  • 626 was actually recruited during the meeting that took place on 3/20/14.

Charity Event 3/22/14Edit

  • Jet Black and Sweet Chocolate helped volunteer at the Bessie K. Russel Library for the group charity event on 3/22/14.

Planned Group Patrol 3/23/14 (New Gang on Northside?)Edit

  • While on patrol Jet Black spotted more graffiti in Stoner Park, "Northside" printed in red across a bleacher.
  • The graffiti isn't the same as the MS-13 graffiti, different color, also it is representing a different side of town.
  • Could there possibly be another gang in the park tagging?
  • Hopefully not the Nortenos.

Cookies for Justice!Edit

  • The SCPC wants to have a bake sale soon in order to raise money for Team Justice.
  • The Bessie K. Russel library is willing to host the bake sale, but we need to make sure not to host it on a day where they already are hosting an event.
  • Sparklie Rainbow and Sweet Chocolate are okay with baking for the event.
  • The major concern is planning the charity event on the perfect day.
  • Looking over their calendar May 3rd seems like a good day to have the bake sale, but there should probably be another charity before hand on a different date to help raise funds for Team Justice.