Sparkman Crime-Prevention ClubEdit

  • First meeting took place on March 6, 2014 in the Sparkman High HQ.
  • The first meeting had a turn out of six members: Jet Black, Electric Snow, Mr.E, Alley-Cat, Sweet Chocolate, and Mighty Monk.
  • The meeting focused on the creation of a club logo and badges.
Scpc logo

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Establishing Meetings


Joining the UJLAEdit

  • Both Electric Snow and Jet Black are attempting to join the UJLA.
  • Electric Snow is attempting to join as The Flash.
  • Jet Black is attempting to join as Dr.Fate.
  • Both Crime-Fighters would still be apart of the Rocket City Crime-Fighters but would also be starting a Rocket City Version of the team.
  • There membership however is unlikely due to Jet Black not being 18 years old and because neither Jet Black nor Electric Snow are stationed in Cleveland, Ohio which is the home of the UJLA.

The End of the World?Edit

  • A psychic by the codename Omega has procalimed that the end of the world is near and has created a crowd funding campaign to help fund the fight.
  • Jet Black has been following this for sometime and feels that a crowd funding campaign is the wrong approach for letting the people know about what is going on.
  • Jet Black will support Omega in the fight against paranormal malevolence however he doesn't advise donating to the crowd funding campaign as he feels it is "completely unnescessary".
  • For more information on Omega's Crowdfunding Campaign and information on a coming paranormal threat:

The Re-Vamped Rocket City RLSH WikiaEdit

The Growth of the Team ContinuesEdit

  • The Rocket City Crime-Fighters are now 80 members strong and growing!

Shadow ShockerEdit

  • The Rocket City Crime-Fighters newest team vehicle is the Shadow Shocker.
  • The Shadow Shocker is a 2005 Ford Escape with a V8 Engine, Speed Boost Add-on, and bullet proof exterior.
  • Driven by Electric Snow it is the main form of transportation for the Rocket City Crime-Fighters.
Flaming Thunder

Meetings Planned for this WeekEdit

  • Ronin Blood has set-up a combat training session for the Rocket City Crime-Fighters at Combat X, an outdoor training HQ specifically for combat training.
  • The Meeting is scheduled for March 9th, 2014 from 3pm to 6pm.
  • Members are encouraged to RSVP before arriving.
  • Jet Black has confirmed he will be unable to go to the combat training session.
  • Electric Snow has not confirmed whether or not he will be able to provide transportation to this meeting.
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Establishing Meetings