Team Role Title Description of Team Role Responsibilities of this Team Role
Combat-Trainers Trains Self-Defense Combat
  • Must have knowledge of atleast one form of martial arts.
  • Must be able to teach atleast the basic skills of the martial art they know.
  • Trains Patrol Rangers how to defend themselves and others in dangerous situations.
Mage-Trainers Train Mages
  • Must have knowledge of paranormal detection gear or of occult arts.
  • Trains Mages on how to use paranormal detection gear or of the occult arts.
Patrol Rangers Report Violent and Non-Violent Crime/Keep Citizens out of harms way
  • Must Patrol atleast once a week
  • Reports Violent Crime to 911
  • Reports Non-Violent Crime to the Huntsville Police Department
  • During emergency situations escorts civillians to safety if possible
Resourcers Establish HQs
  • Establish real estate locations as meeting places and gear stashes.
  • Establish connections with local business places so that they may be used as meeting places.
Vendors Provide Gear, Suits, Non-Lethal Weapons, stealth and surveilance gear, etc.
  • Must be able to provide some form of self defense gear or surveilance gear for use by crime-fighters
Medics Give Medical Advice on Minor Injuries
  • Must be available for contact by Patrol Rangers
  • Must have knowledge on basic first aid and how to help minor injuries
  • Must be good at giving medical instructions over the phone
Oracles Monitor Crime-Maps and Alert Patrol Rangers
  • Must monitor internet crime-maps, police radios, and crime news feeds
  • Reports and lists high crime areas to Patrol Rangers
Mages Paranormal Investigators
  • Use resources and occult teachings to combat paranormal malevolence
  • Ghost Hunters
Supporters Assist Patrol Rangers
  • Must be available to be called in by Patrol Rangers during crisis scenarios.
  • Keep citizens out of the way of danger during massive emergencies
Hack Masters Counterhack and Monitor local systems
  • Must have skill in counterhacking and system monitoring
  • Combats black hat hacking organizations that attempt to hack into local systems
Recruiters Recruit Crime-Fighters
  • Ask people if they would like to fight crime and record new recruits in the database
Drivers Transport Patrol Rangers around the city
  • Must be available for use and contact by crime-fighters
  • Provides transportation and/or transportation services for use by crime-fighters.
Squad Leaders Organize groups of Supporters to help them along their patrols
  • Patrol atleast once a week
  • Report Violent and Non-Violent Crime
  • Organize and Communicate with other members for patrols
Charity Contribute to Charities and Complete Volunteer Work
  • Attend Charity Events
  • Raise awareness of Charities
  • Volunteer in the community