Name Heroes Republic
  • 1129 Maxwell Blvd. Montgomery, Al, 36104
  • Bir Tawil 
  • Battelle, Alabama
Territory Photographs
Government Democratic Monarchy
Permanent Population
  • 10+ Local Population
  • Dual Citizenship is open to everyone
Current Diplomatic Operations with the ambassadors of other Countries
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Switzerland 
  • The Union of Bir Tawil
  • Elprania
Important Links
Nations that Recognize us as a Nation
  • France
  • The Union of Bir Tawil
  • Switzerland 
  • Elprania
Nations that don't Recognize us as a Nation
  • United States of America
  • Land
  • Military Grade Technologies
  • Security Forces 
Service to the Globe
  • Our country will specialize in creating and selling robot designs to other countries and private companies.
  • Patenting robot designs.
National Status Micronation
National Colors
  • Black
  • White
  • Dark Blue
Government Positions
  • High Monarch
  • Low Monarch
  • National Congress Member
  • State Head
  • State Military Head (Law Captain)
  • State Congress Member
  • Knight (Law Officer)
  • Local Head
  • Local Congress Member
Positions that Require Testing and/or Certification

  • Business/Settlement Owner
  • Test Prompter
  • Tax Taker
  • Crafter/Chef
Tax Rate
  • Six Percent of all earnings
  1. All citizens who own a business or settlement within the Heroes Republic are required to pay monthly taxes, have proper certification, and a passport.
  2. All citizens who have a position that requires testing or certification must have a valid certificate to hold their position and the rights that come with said certificate.
  3. A passport is necessary to complete business within the Heroes Republic.
  4. Citizens have the right to vote for their State Head and Local Head.
  5. State Heads and Local Heads can create new laws or suggest to abolish or ammend laws but no State or Local Head can completely abolish and replace all laws.
  6. Congress members have the right to vote for their Low Monarch as long as the High Monarch approves.
  7. Congress and the Low Monarch must both agree unanimously in order to replace the High Monarch.
  8. All legal suggestions proposed by State and Local Heads such as the creation of new laws or the act of abolishing or ammending a law or law(s) must win majority vote in congress and be approved by first the Low Monarch and then the High Monarch before any changes to the law can be made.
  9. No vandalizing, stealing, or damaging property.
  10. No deplorable violence towards people or animals including but not limited to any form of: murder, rape, abuse, assault, cruelty, mass murder, genocide, suicide, etc. is allowed.
  11. Everyone should be treated equally with kindness, care, and consideration.
  12. No racial, religous, or gender bias allowed. Everyone must be tolerant of everyone else's race, religion, and gender including their own.
  13. No one can be penalized for breaking a law while within the nation that is not an official law of the nation approved by the High Monarch.
  14. If a Law Officer catches a citizen breaking any law it is that Officer's right to choose the appropriate penalty based on a list of pre-approved penalties provided by the High Monarch.
  15. Our nation will not recognize other nation's claims over territory of which has been claimed soverign by our nation.
Penalties for Breaking the Law
  1. Deportation
  2. Deportation and placed under the arrest of the authorities of another nation.
  3. Fines
  4. Community Labor
  5. Monthly Tax Increase
  6. Revoked Passport
  7. Revoked Certification
How to Obtain Passports and Certifications
  • Passports will be available for a fee.
  • Certificates will require the completion of an application test and an application fee.
  • Contact for more information on passports and certificates.
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